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Drafting Shards of Alara Part 7: Bant December 26, 2008

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The main reason for playing Bant (green-white-blue) is to make a super fast weenie deck. While many Shards of Alara decks suffer from being too slow, Bant decks do not. Additionally, Bant does not have a weakness of lacking big creatures because there are common worthwhile big creatures in green.

The fact that Bant doesn’t include red makes it much more difficult for me to draft than Naya. Other than that the main colors tend to be the same (green-white).

However, there is one important factor that can make a Bant deck more attractive than Naya: Unlike Naya, Bant’s exalted theme usually makes a difference. 5-power decks are generally too hard to get to work, but exalted decks aren’t that hard. Exalted by itself is a good ability with no need of combos, and there are some nice exalted combos that you will want to look out for.

I have already mentioned the best cards for a green-white deck here. However, there are a few other great cards you will want for an exalted deck. Here are the best commons and uncommons that you will also look for when playing an exalted deck:

Sigiled Paladin can be difficult to play, since it requires two white mana. The rest of these spells are (partially) blue. I would generally prefer to play a two color green-white deck than play any of the blue cards because (a) it is risky to play three colors and (b) the blue cards aren’t as powerful as I would like. I have already listed cards worth splashing for in a white-green deck in a previous article. Branching bolt and other red direct damage commons qualify, but no blue commons qualify. Nevertheless, there are some reasons to draft a three color bant deck:

  1. If there aren’t enough good green and white cards coming.
  2. If you get extra mana fixing cards.
  3. If you get bombs such as Rafiq or Stoic Angel.

There will be a point when you have to decide if you are playing Bant. If there aren’t enough green and white cards, you might still pick some red cards to play Naya. If you end up taking blue isntead of red, then you will have to make sure you get enough mana fixing. If you get enough mana fixing that produces blue mana early in the draft, then there won’t be any reason not to take the best blue cards. If you get bombs, such as Rafiq, then that isn’t a good enough reason by itself to play blue as a third color because you might just want to splash blue. If you end up playing Bant, then you might have to start taking mana fixing as early picks to make sure you don’t get mana screwed.


1. JP - January 1, 2009

Resounding wave/call to heel. I find these can be good. Deft duelist is also the best 2 drop.

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