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Unscrewed Part 2: Plutonium Angel November 11, 2008

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

As you should already know, the next un-set (Unglued 3) is Unscrewed. OK, not really, but we can pretend. Today I will present a card that will fix a huge problem with the game: Plutonium Angel.

But first you need to know the point of this card. Consider the Two-Headed Giant format, where two players fight as an allied single entity versus another two players as an opposing allied single entity. If one player loses, then the whole team loses. Now imagine that one player controls Platinum Angel, which says, “You can’t lose and opponents can’t win.” So, what will happen if your ally loses? Do you lose?

The Judge at my local tournament hangout thought that you would still lose in this situation, but Wizards of the Coast has a rule specifically for this card in the Two Headed Giant format. The Two Headed Giant FAQ states, “If an effect would prevent a player from winning the game, that player’s team can’t win the game. If an effect would prevent a player from losing the game, that player’s team can’t lose the game.”

This ruling makes sure Platinum Angel still does something, but it’s not fun. Why? Because I want to be protected by Platinum Angel without my ally being protected. I want my ally to be able to die while I keep playing. Imagine that I have two heads. I want one head to be able to die while I lug it around with me and keep fighting. This is where Plutonium Angel comes in:

plutonium angel magic card


My next article will be posted on Tuesday November 18 2008.

The Plutonium Angel art is an altered version of Dragonkahn’s Rei Forever desktop image.


1. michael - November 11, 2008

It may seem fun, but it is a total drawback. I think Plutonium Angel should have more oomph.

I do like the art.

2. James - November 11, 2008

I have another Platinum Angel wannabe un-card planned for the future: Darksteel Angel. That will have quite a bit of oomph.

You are right that it is a drawback, but Plutonium Angel isn’t about “oomph.” It is about fixing Platinum Angel to allow neat things to happen.

3. jp - November 13, 2008

Cards for 2hg = lose.