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Power Creep Part 2 October 28, 2008

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If you haven’t read the first Power Creep article, you should go here.

Transcending our Preconceptions

James Gray
Tuesday, October 2, 2058

In the year 2058 we have found a new balance to Magic that will make limited and constructed formats very exciting. The three cards from Transcendence previewed today might at one time have been considered to be overpowered, but our play testing has proven to be perfect for Magic.

The first card we will preview today is a contrast to the reprinting of moxen. Did I say Moxen? You don’t know that we will reprint all the moxen. You only know that we are reprinting Mox Emerald. (Okay, cat’s out of the bag. We are reprinting them all!)

sun magic card

Our reintroduction of moxen requires us to make sure they won’t be too powerful. Originally moxen were printed with the thought that they were essentially basic lands. We were worried about reprinting moxes for over 65 years because of one factor: You can play any number of moxen in one turn. (i.e. moxen don’t face to one land per turn restriction.) Sun offers one alternative to moxen because it is a land that produces two mana, because it can be used as a channel for 10 mana, and because it can destroy all moxen and creatures. Sun and other nonbasic lands that will provide in Transcendence will simply be powerful enough to give players a good reason to continue playing lands.

The second card previewed today offers one more reason that moxen aren’t as good as they used to be:

angelic exhibitionist

With moxen and powerful nonbasic lands we found balance by assuring players that basic lands will continue to be useful. Some of the most powerful cards, such as Serra Exhibitionist, will be only usable with basic lands.

The final card previewed today is the perfect card to fill a gap:

prancing scimitar

Prancing Scimitar fulfills two issues of balance: One, it offers a way to deal with the increasingly better creatures that are now available. Two, it offers a use for basic lands without exclusively requiring a player to use basic lands.

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The image used for Prancing Scimitar is an altered image from The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise

The image used for Serra Exhibitionist is an altered version of Greg Horn’s Serra Angel picture. Greg Horn’s website is at http://www.greghornjudge.com/.


1. michael - October 28, 2008

Sun + Door to Nothingness + Darksteel Forge = GG

Also, I would like to use sun to play 2 Bringer of the Blue Dawn on turn 1.

I kind of think that to be balanced, Sun needs to come into play tapped since it is the unholy spawn of City of Brass and Channel and Akroma’s Vengeance for 0 mana.

In short, I think that the 10 damage from sun’s super ability should be a life payment to activate to prevent shenanegans.

2. James - October 28, 2008

Is Darksteel Forge necessary? You should be able to use Door to Nothingness and sac the sun to use its ability. The Forge’s destruction shouldn’t counter its effect. (About time Door to nothingness is finally playable!)

I disagree with the paying life with the sun. Sun finally made COP land good. What did you have in mind?

One factor that will weaken the sun’s mightyness is the introduction of powerful counterspells. In Type 2 the Sun isn’t that great when you see how important basic lands can be. Not sure how good it would be in Type 1 considering that decks are often able to win by turn 1 or 2 anyway.

3. michael - October 29, 2008

The sun just makes those turn 1 wins even more likely (if a combo deck can’t win on turn 1 with 10 mana of any combination of colors…something is wrong)

4. James - October 29, 2008

No, type 1 decks don’t get turn 1 wins because they have to draw the exact right cards. It can take a type 1 deck quite a few turns to win because of this problem.

5. michael - October 29, 2008

Sure, but it is a lot easier to get a lethal storm count with a land like that. I could see turn 1 land Crop Rotation for Sun, use sun and then win. It will make the turn 1 wins more consistant.

6. James - October 29, 2008

Yes, Sun is ridiculous, no question about that. Like I said before, more powerful counterspells will have to be introduced for this reason. Unfortunately I guess you can’t stifle Sun due to being a mana ability.

7. JP - November 2, 2008

THe life loss of sun might hit too hard in t1.

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