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Power Creep Part 1 October 21, 2008

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What will Magic look like 50 years from now? Think about how Magic has evolved over time and you will understand my predictions.

Originally many Magic cards were too powerful, such as Black Lotus and Ancestral Recall. Then Magic cards seemed to be weaker and weaker. Arabian Nights had Library of Alexandria, Antiquities had Mishra’s Workship. Legends had Mana Drain. The Dark didn’t have anything worth mentioning. The peak of weak was when Mirage came out and everyone was excited about “phasing.” Then something strange happened. Cards were no longer getting weaker.Just the opposite. They started getting more powerful, set by set. (Even though Kamigawa was one of the weakest sets in recent history, it brought us Gifts Ungiven and Jitte.)

The most recent trend has been to make creatures more powerful. We’ve been getting a lot of 2/2’s for one mana. Although many people have complained that the power level of Shards of Alara is a bit low, it gave us a potential 3/3 for one mana… and it’s a common! What will happen if Wizards continues to make cards more and more powerful? That is what I am about to reveal. I will introduce a set from 50 years from now called “Transcendence” and predict the first three days of the Transcendence preview month.

Life, the Universe, and Transcendence

James Gray
Tuesday, October 1, 2058

Welcome to Transcendence Preview month week 1, day 1. As usual, we will be previewing three cards each day to hype up anticipation for the new set.

Transcendence gets back to the roots of Magic. There’s a lot of creatures and a lot of creature control. This is a refreshing change after the last block had no creatures whatsoever.

Although we generally only preview rares, the first card we will preview is an uncommon. This is a card that will fit in a spot of almost any deck playing white, and it should make everyone shut up who’ve been complaining that Swords to Plowshares just isn’t cutting it anymore:

anti-war sentiment

The next card is the most powerful creature ever printed, but we think the mana cost will prevent it from getting out of hand:

god magic card

Many of you might be wondering what it means to “see all cards.” This means you see all cards in each player’s library, hand, and removed from game zone (as well as any cards in play, such as face-down creatures).

Also, notice that God has some text in a red dotted box. This is one of our most innovative ideas: Have tips written on cards. This will continue to encourage new players to play Magic, just like rules tip cards did 51 years ago.

The third card we will preview today will make a lot of people very happy:

mox kryptonite

We have had people ask us to remake the power 9 for a long time, and we decided that it is finally time to make it happen. You might want to ask about our reprint policy. We promised not to remake any cards on the “reserved list.” Isn’t Mox Kryptonite the same thing as Mox Emerald? Yes and no. Although it is about the same thing, it has a different name and it is not considered to be functionally equivalent. This is because you can add the mana to “target player’s” mana pool instead of only your own. (We’ve actually been doing this for 50 years. Mind Spring was almost the same thing as Braingeiser.)

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The image used for Anti-War Sentiment is an altered version of an image created by Paul Kwon, found here.

The image of God was taken from Michaelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel, but God has been changed to be Bill Gates.

The image for Mox Kryptonite is an altered version of Chrome Mox.


1. michael - October 21, 2008

Unaffectable needs reminder text. Since it doesn’t specify what zone it works in. If it is all zones, then you can’t reanimate it. If it is just in play, then it can be Castigated.

That keyword is problematic.

2. James - October 21, 2008

It doesn’t need reminder text because it isn’t a new ability. If it was, then it would have been discussed in the article by Wizards. It is an ability just like indestructible, except no effects can affect it rather than only destroy effects. It can be Castigated and reanimated because its an in-play ability.

3. michael - October 21, 2008

If it only works in the in-play zone, then it can be countered or worse…Bribery. Now that is a nice stretch, lets bribe God for 3UU.

4. James - October 21, 2008

Not to mention you can play more than one God. It’s not legendary.

5. Alex - October 21, 2008

That’s an interesting tidbit about Mind Spring. Also Anti-War Sentiment is kinda weak, it can’t hit shroud creatures. It should say that target player sacrifices a creature of your choice.

lol @ the comments

6. James - October 22, 2008

Alex, I think there might be some other reprints from the reserved list, but almost none were worth mentioning. Sedge Sliver was pretty similar to Sedge Troll. More importantly, Plague Sliver was almost a reprint of Juzam Djinn. Of course Juzam is pretty weak, so “more powerful” reprints are considered OK.

7. James - October 22, 2008

michael, now that I think about it Bribing God is pretty common practice around the world. What else was human sacrifice all about? Also, being “legendary” wouldn’t do anything considering God’s resistance to state-based “effects.”

Additionally, I just remembered that “unaffectible” isn’t actually a keyword just like “indestructible” isn’t a keyword. (Yes, this is just semantics and might miss the point.)

Of course, more powerful “God” cards could be thought up. God could be unaffectable from all zones, and/or be uncounterable, etc. More importantly, the notion of “omnipotence” could be more fully analyzed. You might be able to “play all cards even outside the game that has ever been printed,” “gain control of all players,” and so on.

8. trueeevil - October 22, 2008

Show and tell + god? Look what johnny brought to class!

9. michael - October 22, 2008

“you see all cards”. Does that mean field of vision, like Ass Whuppin’ from Unhinged? Or does that mean something more ethereal like Mental Magic? Or does it mean that you reveal all cards in all libraries? Can it affect other players games?

@trueevil - turn 1 swamp, ritual, putrid imp (discard God), Animate Dead. GG.

Basically, Unaffectable means “Screw the rules, I am God”.

10. James - October 23, 2008

michael, “You see all cards” refers to all cards relevant to your game. i.e. libraries, cards in hand, and face-down cards. The article should have mentioned this. (Fixed.)

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24. michael - May 19, 2012

100 yeas from now can god be 1 mana

25. James - May 20, 2012

No, I talk about Magic 100 years from now here: http://www.recoculous.com/2012/03/01/predicting-the-future-part-10-magic-2114-1-of-3/