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Rejected Shards of Alara Tokens October 7, 2008

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

Overall I love the artwork used in Shards of Alara. It is a huge improvement over a lot of images that we have seen recently. However, I find some of the artwork questionable. Take a look at these creature tokens, for example:

shards of alara tokens

The Homogobulous (or whatever it’s called) looks nothing like an artifact. Actually, it is an alien baby.

The zombie is not a zombie. It’s a crazy monster with monster heads for hands. Zombies are just humans who are dead and still walk around anyway.

The goblin is a strange monster man. It’s not green and it has a huge monster snout thing. (What is going on with goblin art? We know what goblins look like, but Wizards has been making them look weirder and weirder.)

What you haven’t seen is the awesome token art that wasn’t used. The art that would have made a lot more sense.

This Homunculus has Britney Spears with her head opening up showing lots of robotic goodness. This is exactly what we need to know that she is an artifact creature.

This is a zombie hippie. You thought zombies were scary before, but look at this guy. This is the last thing your opponent will want to face.

This goblin is green and has some nice sharp teeth, just like the goblins we know and love. But he is even better because it is a goblin gangster with a gun.


1. fat loss 4 idiots - October 9, 2008

Hey more pics please, you must balance the text and the pictures :D

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3. Taylor - July 7, 2012

Is it possible to get 1 of those Goblin Tokens?