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Unglued 3 is Unscrewed September 23, 2008

Posted by James in : all, fake cards , trackback

First there was Unglued. Then there was Unhinged. I doubt we will see another Unglued set any time soon unless I do something about it. And I already have.

lightning shock magic card

This isn’t the first time someone has wanted to create an Unglued set. Some people created this forum and started making Unglued 2 before Unhinged came out, and some of the ideas were pretty similar. Lightning Shock, for example, did 2.5 damage. People thought this was crazy because there are no fractions allowed in the rules, but we saw that Wizards of the Coast had this exact idea for Unhinged. If you ask me, the whole point of an un-set is to break the rules in fun ways. And now for the first time you can gaze upon the glory of Lightning Shock as a real… looking card.

I decided to call my un-set Unscrewed. I was going to call it unzipped, but the zipper symbol was hard to see. Then I was going to call it unpeeled, but the banana symbol didn’t look right using MSE’s rarity conversion. So, I just decided to use a screw symbol and make the different rarities myself. Overall, it is still hard to see and doesn’t really look like a symbol that Wizards would create.

I have already thought of several ideas for Unscrewed, but I have only had time to create a few of them:

Multiple Personalities

multiple personalities magic the gathering

I thought of Multiple Personalities a long time ago and it is a card I wouldn’t mind being real.

Yawgmoth’s Orb

yawgmoth's orb

Yawgmoth’s Orb is probably the most likely to become a real Magic card of the three that I am showing today. It could probably use better phrasing, but I think you get the general idea. (And yes, this is a combo with vigilance.)

Demonic Lawyer

demonic lawyer magic card

Demonic Lawyer reveals an entirely new idea for Magic: Cards that have an effect outside the actual game. While playing a booster draft you can exchange this for another card you would rather have.

My next article will be posted this Friday.

Lightning Shock uses an image by Jason Rainville. Multiple Personalities uses an altered version of American Gothic by me. Yawgmoth’s Orb uses an image by Somnivore under the Creative Commons license. Demonic Lawyer uses an altered version of Demonic Tutor by me.



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5. Silje - April 27, 2009

haha, I liked multiple personalities and the orb thingie. Fun cards.

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7. Mike - August 6, 2009

I was in the middle of making a magic set called Unscrewed with MSE also, but it seems as though someone beat me to the punch :\

My question is, how can you make the symbol so perfect? When I tried making a screw with the shitty smybol editor MSE has, it ended up looking like a triangle :P .


8. James - August 6, 2009


You can make a bitmap image of the symbol then import it into MSE. That might help. It is also a good idea to make the symbol very simple looking. The one I have still doesn’t look perfect with a low resolution.

If all else fails, you can add the symbol without MSE. I did that with one of my newer sets. Sometimes MSE makes the symbols look wrong.

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