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Making Your Own Magic: the Gathering Cards (Updated 10/16/10) September 9, 2008

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A lot of people are making their own Magic cards, and you might want to know how to do it too. First, you should know that most people use Magic Set Editor, also called MSE. I actually use MSE just to get the card frames/templates and I use Paint to add text and images.

I don’t think you can get all the fonts used on Magic cards with MSE, but you can get the fonts and Photoshop files (PSD’s) here. If you want to make Alpha or Beta cards, those templates can be found here. Arabian Nights/Antiquates/Revised templates can be found here. Photoshop is a great way to make your own Magic cards that could help you make them look better than possible using MSE. Not to mention that MSE makes it difficult to create create split card permanents and play around with the templates as necessary for various innovative cards.

If you are using Photoshop, you will probably want to know the following information that was posted at MiseTings:

Font Details

Font Sizes:

Title/Mana Symbols: 18 pt
Card Type: 16 pt
Power/Tough: 20 pt
Text Box: <14 pt
Artist Name: 12 pt
Copyright: 7 pt


Matrix Bold = Title, Card Type, Artist's Name
Plantin = Text Box, Copyright Notice, Collection Number
Matrix Bold Smallcaps = P/T Box
MagicSymbols = Mana Symbols

To make the long dash (—): alt+0151

Mana Symbols

Hex/ R/G/B colors for mana symbols:

W: fffcd5 = 255/252/213
U: aae0fa = 170/224/250
B: cbc2c0 = 203/194/192
R: f9aa8f = 249/170/143
G: 9bd3ae = 155/211/174

To make a mana symbol, type oW, oU, oB, oR, oG, o1, oX, etc.
The tap symbol is oT; the old tap symbol is ocT.


When deciding what images I want to use, I often want to alter or “photoshop” images already available on the internet. For example, I might want Gandalf to become a Goblin Wizard. (Goblins are pretty easy to make this way.) This is possible using Photoshop or a free program, like the Gimp.

Printing Cards

I print cards using a word processing program. You can use Word or openoffice.org.

More Information

More information, such as advise about printing cards can be found in the “Make a Proxy” thread at MTGsalvation.

Update (9/5/2010): I added a link to the Alpha/Beta PSD templates and to an informative forum thread.

Update (10/5/2010): I added a link to the Arabian Nights template.

Update (10/16/2010): I changed the link to the MTG Salvation forum template thread.


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