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The real ghetto magic September 8, 2008

Posted by James in : all, game rules, rules variant , trackback

In 2002 Star City Games introduced us to Ghetto Magic, a rules variant similar to Peasant Magic, as seen here. One problem. Over 10 years ago I already heard about Ghetto Magic and it was totally different, and I see no reference to the real Ghetto Magic that I remember anywhere on the Internet. It was forgotten and erased from our history.

The real Ghetto Magic has little to nothing to do with deck building. What it has to do with is how you play magic. The actual rules to the game are slightly altered in two ways:

  1. During the draw step you draw 7 cards instead of only one.
  2. You can play any number of land each turn.

The person who plays first doesn’t draw any cards, just like in regular magic because he or she doesn’t have a draw step. That means that the second player is the first to enjoy the six card bonus during the draw step.

I actually never played Ghetto Magic until recently. The format seems to work fairly well. Luck to some extent is eliminated because mana screw and mana flooding is much more rare. I have played it with a draft deck, with a legacy deck, and with a standard deck. I have played it with a control deck, aggro deck, and burn deck. The worst experience was probably with the 40-card draft deck because it is so easy to run out of cards in this format. I have had few problems with this format despite the fact that there are probably certain decks that would be found to be too powerful. However, I would assume that a control deck with few win conditions would probably be a poor choice for Ghetto Magic. To stop the opponent from winning isn’t good enough when you can easily run out of cards.

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