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Elves and satyrs are the same? September 7, 2008

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Satyrs are mythological creatures from Greek mythology. They are human beings with pointy ears, goat legs, and goat horns. You can read what Wikipedia has to say about the Satyr here. To get a visual image of a Satyr, just take a look at Titian’s painting Bacchus and Ariadne:


willow saytr
Wizards of the Coast embraced Satyrs by creating Willow Satyr. It’s official. Satyrs aren’t elves. They have their own unique creature type.

I played Lorwyn for about a month before I noticed something strange. All of the elves look strange. Wizards of the Coast thought they could pull one on us with Lorwyn. Although elves have always been depicted as people with pointy ears, like in Lord of the Rings… all of a sudden Elves have horns and goat legs. Sound familiar?

I spent a couple of months showing people my find. Almost no one noticed that the Elves of Lorwyn were actually Satyrs.

Why would Wizards of the Coast do this? My suspicion is that Lorwyn was going to feature Satyrs as a new tribal option, but at the last minute Wizards decided that Elves would work better with other sets, like Odyssey. The artists were already told to use Satyrs for the artwork. Wizards couldn’t admit that the pictures depicted were actually Satyrs, so they decided to continue the facade with Morningtide, Shadowmoore, and Eventide. Few Magic players noticed the mistake and Wizards could pretend that it was done on purpose by continuing to use Satyrs for the artwork.

Consider Elvish Archers. Pointy ears and muscular manly legs, like any decent Elf from Lord of the Rings. No horns. No tail. No goat legs.
Many years later, we get Elves that look much like Satyrs. Horns and goat legs in-tact.


Of course, Wizard’s decision that elves and satyrs are the same kind of creature wasn’t the only bad decision they made regarding satyrs. Consider Lumbering Satyr, for example. He is a giant monster with oversized arms. If we are to predict the next move made by Wizards of the Coast regarding creature types, we can clearly see that this is what Elves will look like in the future.


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